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Njord Board — ASIC Spoofer with Automated Fan Control

Njord Board — ASIC Spoofer with Automated Fan Control

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Named after the Norse god of wind, the Njord Cloudline board allows your miner to automatically control an AC Infinity Cloudline fan using the control board's native temperature control algorithm. This means no more manual fan speed control. Using the Njord Cloudline board has shown to significantly lower fan noise and power consumption while maintaining steady miner temperatures.

The Njord Cloudline board should be paired with an AC Infinity Fan and a fan shroud. 

Installation is simple! Plug the Njord Cloudline board into the miner control board's fan port connectors. Then, plug the AC Infinity fan's USB-C cable into the Njord Cloudline USB-C socket. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Excellent adapters. Performs exactly as expecc6with my Kaspa miner. Would definitely buy from Nakamoto again

Giorgio Bakopoulos

Njord Board — ASIC Spoofer with Automated Fan Control

Silent but deadly

The Njord board in combination with the Nakamoto shroud and an AC Infinity 8 makes mining great again with ease of overclock, reduction of heat, super quiet, and reduced power bill compared to stock fans. Great buy, easy upgrade.

Antoine Desjardins
Game Changer!

I've used Njord Boards on my S19K Pros and my S19XPs and they are a must have if you are using the Cloudline fans with the Nakamoto Mining 3D printed shrouds.

Aidin R.
These are the best man — such a cool invention

These are the best man — such a cool invention. Was able to save quite a bit on tarriffs going through Nakamoto. Recommend this route over durect to Pivotal Pleb for canadians