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ANTMINER ASIC Crypto Miner Silencer Wall-Mount Kit for S21 S19 L7 (8" Intake + Exhaust Shrouds) v2

ANTMINER ASIC Crypto Miner Silencer Wall-Mount Kit for S21 S19 L7 (8" Intake + Exhaust Shrouds) v2

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Transform your ASIC's efficiency and sound levels with our wall-mountable shroud! Say goodbye to LOUD & INEFFICIENT stock fans and hello to QUIET & EFFICIENT airflow. Our shroud helps you route your ASIC fan channels, including the PSU, into an 8" duct. With this shroud, you can capture all the hot air and keep your system running smoothly.

3D Printed in durable PETG — 8" inline fan sold separately

What makes our shrouds different than others?

💪🏻 EXTREME STRENGTH PETG with high temperature resistance
🗜 GASKET SEALED around the PSU outlet for optimal efficiency
🔩 WALL MOUNTABLE for plebs willing to do so 
✂️ EXHAUST CUTOUTS for use with 8" worm clamp to prevent air leakage

    Upgrade your cooling system with our Deluxe Shroud and experience the difference in your system's performance. Don't settle for subpar cooling solutions - choose the shroud that's designed for optimal efficiency. Order now and feel the difference for yourself! 👍🏻

    Now includes V2 of our Intake and Exhaust shrouds with significantly enhanced quality and engravings with a tighter fit. The V2 exhaust has a more complete fit and covers more of the rear


    What's in the Box?
    • 1x Antminer Exhaust V2 Shroud (with PSU outlet capture)
    • 1x Antminer Intake V2 Shroud (with PSU outlet capture)
    • 1x Power Supply Unit Adapter (30/60/90mm)
    • 16x Fan replacement screws (M4 x 12mm)
    • 8x Mounting Screws
    • 1x Hose Duct Clamp
    •  Installation instructions
    • 1x Nakamoto Mining Sticker
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews

    great product. thank you

    David Wallace
    Nice Design, Cheap Print

    This is a nice product but I wish they'd sell the design because they printed this thing with no infill. Most of the design is thin so having a few perimeters is fine but I was worried about breaking it because the feet seem to lack any infill as they flex way too much so handle with care. I doubt adding a few percent infill to the base would add more than a few pennies to the cost of time, material, and shipping weight.

    That said the design is good because I had a shroud I printed myself that would cool boards 2 and 3 well but board 1 was always about 5 degrees hotter. With this Nakamoto all 3 boards are within about 2 degrees of each other.

    AM Tripp
    Awesome product, well designed and everything fit great!

    Very nicely made product all included parts so that everything went together super fast and easy.

    Superb Material and Design

    The design is great. The mounting points could be a bit sturdier, so I wouldn't recommend hanging up your miner just by these points alone if you plan on doing so. Other than that no complaints! These things can handle a substantial amount of heat which is really nice!

    Good purchase

    Works very well,
    Excellent communication,
    Very happy!!!.+++