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Soundproofing Your Miner: Enhance Performance and Significantly Reduce Noise Disruption

Hey Anon,

Are you — and most likely your wife — fed up with the loud fan noise from your miners? Luckily we have compiled a list of items that will help save both your eardrums and potentially your marriage! All of these items can be purchased or built yourself.


  1. HVAC Inline Duct Fan  LINK
  2. 3D Printed Duct Shroud(s)  LINK
  3. Screws for Shroud LINK
  4. Fan Spoofers (Optional) LINK
  5. Hose Clamp (Optional) LINK


HVAC Inline Duct Fan

These fans are designed to significantly reduce noise through advanced blade designs, noise dampening features, and lower RPMs. With high-quality construction and customizable fan control options, inline duct fans provide efficient cooling while keeping noise levels significantly lower than stock fans.

  • $150 USD - $250 USD
  • 8 Inch (~200mm) model is recommended
    • You could purchase 6 Inch, but you would have to run it close to 100% speed, which is fairly loud and defeats the purpose
    • Only suggest 6 inch for smaller ASICs (S9, Whatsminers)
  • ~750+ cfm (1.200m/h) model is recommended
    • Stock fans are around ~500cfm total, for reference
    • Very likely will never run at the full 750cfm but the larger 8 inch diameter will help to push more air with less noise
  • AC Infinity hands down offers the highest quality fans available right now
    • (Cheaper Option) VIVOSUN 8" Inline Duch Fan LINK



Adding a 3D printed duct shroud to your miner significantly reduces noise. The shroud improves airflow efficiency, directing it precisely where it's needed, while reducing turbulence and noise.

  • $30 USD - $60 USD (Each)
  • You can get away with 1 shroud; dont NEED 2 unless you want to precisely route air
  • There are both STANDARD and WALL-MOUNT shrouds available
    • Wall Mount Shrouds also exhaust for the power supply unit (PSU)
    • The PSU inclusion helps miners run even more quiet and efficient
  • PETG is the recommended material due to it's strength and heat resistance
  • PLA is NOT recommended; very weak and not heat resistant



⚠️ You CANNOT use the OEM fan screws; they are too long and WILL damage your miner's hash board. Using the OEM fan screws is also a fire hazard.
  • $5 USD
  • M4 Machine Screws not exceeding more than 12mm LINK
  • You will need ~8 of these depending on the shroud you buy



A fan spoofer or emulator is piece of hardware that tricks your bitcoin miner into thinking that it's cooling fan is running at full speed, even when it's not. The purpose of this is to deceive the miner into believing that it's being adequately cooled so that you can cool your ASIC with the inline duct fan you choose above.

  • $25 USD - $50 USD
  • If you plan on running customer firmware (Braiins, VNISH etc), you do NOT need spoofers; there is a setting in firmware to disable fans without the need for spoofers.
  • These have a fairly high failure rate — recommended to buy extra
  • Antminer requires a total of FOUR spoofers (since there are 4 fans)  LINK
  • Whatsminer requires a total of TWO spoofers (2 fans) LINK



These are optional but great for sealing airflow
  • $5 USD - $10 USD
  • Again not required, but recommeded
  1. HVAC Inline Duct Fan  LINK
  2. 3D Printed Duct Shroud  LINK
  3. Screws for Shroud LINK
  4. Fan Spoofers (Optional) LINK
  5. Hose Clamp (Optional) LINK


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